5 Ultimate Tips to Maintain Your Rolling Garage Door in Markham

Rolling type garage doors are one of the toughest garage doors in the entire industry. According to garage door opener Markham experts, they can last you for a lifetime without any need of proper maintenance. That being said, however, taking some time out for doing some regular maintenance won’t do any harm and will ultimately add a few more years to the life of your garage door.

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself type of person, then the following tips to maintain your rolling garage door are just made for you.

1. Door cleaning – Make sure you clean the exterior surface of your garage door at least twice a year. Start by simply wiping the outside of the door with a good detergent before you rinse it with water. Dry the door with the help of lint free rags so that the moisture you’ve left after the wash over the door doesn’t damage it.
2. Lubricate all moving parts – Make use of a light or a high quality ‘aerosol’ lubricant with silicon or oil as a part of the mixture. Following parts must be lubricated:

1. Lift cables
2. Pulley bearings
3. Hinges and torsion springs
4. Steel rollers

While lubricating the above mentioned parts, also check whether they are loose or not. Moving parts of your garage door should never be left loose. These parts include hinges, springs, bearings etc. Check for any loose screws also and tighten them on the go.

3. Replacing rollers or hinges – For the replacement of the rollers or hinges present in your garage door, start by disconnecting the power source of your garage door. The door must be locked down in a position before disconnecting the power. Remove one hinge or the roller at a time and replace them accordingly. Never remove the bracket present at the bottom as it is under a lot of tension and therefore removing it might be dangerous.

4. Replacing vertical tracks – For the replacement of the vertical tracks, start by locking the garage door in an upward position before switching off the power supply. Unscrew one track, replace it and then proceed to the next one. Pick up one side at a time. Once each side is installed, check the track spacing. Do not try to replace the horizontal tracks as they can be replaced by an experienced garage door professional only.

5. Spring maintenance – In case of extension springs, the hardware that is connected to them are under a lot of tension and thus can be serviced only if the door is fully open. Servicing of components like pulleys, cables and springs must be handled by someone who has ample experience with them. Torsion springs are under immense pressure always and hence they can be serviced only if the garage door is fully opened. Spring maintenance is a highly risky job and must be left to the professionals. The least you can do for them is lubricate them.

To ensure that your rolling garage door keeps running smoothly, make sure you look after them on a periodic basis. However, there may be times when you’ll have to call a professional for the replacement and maintenance of certain components. We, at Garage Door Markham, provide the best garage door repair Markham services in the most affordable rates.

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