Less-Known Facts About A Noisy Garage Door

Know About Garage DoorDo you hear weird sounds coming from your garage door every time you use it? Does your garage door wake you up whenever used?
Whatever is causing your garage door to create such weird noise or you can say ”sound like a beast”, it is recommended to figure out the root cause of the problem, before it hampers the operation of your door or something goes wrong.

What’s making all that noise?

A garage door opener creating some noise is normal, as no door or opener works silently. But, you need to know the difference between normal function and a beast. A door consists of numerous gears and moving parts, there can be various things that can lead to a particular type of noise. Depending on the model type and how it is installed, sometimes even from the brand-new opener or door, you may hear some amount of noise.

Friction is one of the most common causes of garage door noise. Over time, the garage door opener mechanism age, their parts no longer have the lubrication and they start nosily grinding each other. The bolts and screws are also loosened and need replacement to work efficiently. General wear and tear causes your door opener to get a little louder. Same happens with the hinges and rollers on the door itself. However, it isn’t really a big problem, but often cause annoyance and inconvenience. But some causes of garage door noise, particularly in older models are due to sustained damage and thus, require immediate attention before they harm you or your property.

Can I fix it myself?

In many cases, lubricating the moving parts can solve the noise issue. Make sure you use high-quality lubricant, especially the one that is made for garage door openers. Though, a good silicone based lubricant will work. You need to make sure that the lubricant doesn’t attract additional dirt and doesn’t drip on your car. Also, double check that all the nuts and bolts are secure.

When should I call a professional?

You need to immediately contact a professional garage door company in Markham, if you don’t know how to prevent the noise, or if any of your garage door parts require replacement. If you have an older garage door opener than 1993, you must consider replacing it with a new and advance opener. Modern garage door openers are quiet during performance and crafted to work reliably for years.

At Garage Door Markham, our Markham garage door specialists are committed to providing quality garage door repair, maintenance and installation services across Markham area. Whether it’s a noisy door you want to repair or a brand-new door you want to install, we have got you covered.

Spruce Up Your Garage Door For Christmas

Christmas is only few weeks away. Can you believe it? The shopping malls in Markham have the holiday season decorations and the stores are selling Christmas-y smells. Our last blog was about decorating your garage door for Halloween, and now here we are providing you some exciting ideas to spruce up your garage door for Christmas.

The professionals at Garage Door Markham are like the spirit guides…or something similar. If your door isn’t in a good working condition, then we highly recommend you to contact us for an immediate repair prior to incorporating the Christmas decorations.

Wrap it up like a giant sized present

You must have seen many front doors wrapped up as presents, and you can do the same with your overhead door. Buy paper in bulk from your local craft store and paint it. You can also use a thick red ribbon which can be tied into a huge bow. Whichever option you choose, make sure to securely tape each end, as this will prevent your giant present from unwrapping before the big day.

Decorate with holiday magnets

Did you know that you can make your holiday more cheerful by simply placing decorating magnets on your garage door? While magnets will work great on doors made of steel, you can also tape them on if your door is manufactured using some other material. These holiday magnet kits come in decorative images such as bows, trees, ornaments and more.

Decorate with murals

Show off your artistic side by painting a mural on your garage door to show the holiday season spirit. Consider a winter theme instead of something particularly Christmas so you can keep the decorations longer than just December.

Good old holiday lights

Don’t have much time to spend on the decorations? No problem! Add twinkling lights or place an over-sized bulb to your door, and have a fantastic outdoor holiday decor in just few minutes.

Place holiday wreaths

If you do not want to overwhelm your home, a holiday wreath on your door is enough to show you truly care about the holiday season. Since a wreath is small, you can use some glitter, holly sprigs, or a snowman accent.

Create a light show on your door

Did you know that you can create a spectacular holiday light show with only two things? Yes. All you need is a blank board (your garage door is perfect) and a projector. You can create a personalized greeting or link your projector to change between different holiday slides.

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Decorate Your Garage Doors Markham For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and soon the Markham streets will be filled with kids in costume in search for candy and fun. Instead of greeting trick or treaters on your front door this year, why don’t you give them a more enticing experience with your very own Haunted Garage Doors Markham.

Here are few ideas on setting up a ‘spooktacular’ haunted garage door this Halloween:

1. Prepare your garage door

Test your sensors many times before Halloween to ensure no glitches will happen or no little one gets hurt by a faulty sensor.

2. Consider your door as a giant canvas

A quick trip to the local Halloween store will help you collect many props and decorations to use. You can purchase temporary artwork which is made from removable black cloth tape and crafts-foam sheets cut into Halloween-themed shapes. You can also use streamers, spider webs, and other decals to enhance your overhead door. If you have kids, this activity will light up their world. This year wear your creative hat on, you still have time!

3. Lights and Sound

Purposeful lighting and scary music will help enhance your haunted garage door. Although darkness itself is scary for most kids, consider adding fun lighting such as a black light or a strobe. Lights can also be used to cast scary shadows on the door.

4. Decorating the Outside

Line the path to your garage door with jack-o-lanterns and other spooky props such as zombie hands or gravestones. Make up a story to tell the kids like a giant monster or an escaped madman has been living in your garage. Replace the exterior light bulbs with black and orange lights and keep a fog machine to give a complete effect. For those with windows on their Garage doors Markham, you can create a truly frightening effect by cutting out the shapes of hands and forearms, and sticking them to the inside of the windows. This will put an effect like you have people trying to escape from your garage.

If you really want to shake things up this year and win the award for the most scariest house on the block, it’s all about your garage door. If you are looking to make necessary repairs or updates to your overhead door before you begin decorating it for the holidays, feel free to call us. The professionals at Garage door repair Markham will cater all your garage-related needs.

Our team wishes you all a very Happy Halloween!

5 Ultimate Tips to Maintain Your Rolling Garage Door in Markham

Rolling type garage doors are one of the toughest garage doors in the entire industry. According to garage door opener Markham experts, they can last you for a lifetime without any need of proper maintenance. That being said, however, taking some time out for doing some regular maintenance won’t do any harm and will ultimately add a few more years to the life of your garage door.

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself type of person, then the following tips to maintain your rolling garage door are just made for you.

1. Door cleaning – Make sure you clean the exterior surface of your garage door at least twice a year. Start by simply wiping the outside of the door with a good detergent before you rinse it with water. Dry the door with the help of lint free rags so that the moisture you’ve left after the wash over the door doesn’t damage it.
2. Lubricate all moving parts – Make use of a light or a high quality ‘aerosol’ lubricant with silicon or oil as a part of the mixture. Following parts must be lubricated:

1. Lift cables
2. Pulley bearings
3. Hinges and torsion springs
4. Steel rollers

While lubricating the above mentioned parts, also check whether they are loose or not. Moving parts of your garage door should never be left loose. These parts include hinges, springs, bearings etc. Check for any loose screws also and tighten them on the go.

3. Replacing rollers or hinges – For the replacement of the rollers or hinges present in your garage door, start by disconnecting the power source of your garage door. The door must be locked down in a position before disconnecting the power. Remove one hinge or the roller at a time and replace them accordingly. Never remove the bracket present at the bottom as it is under a lot of tension and therefore removing it might be dangerous.

4. Replacing vertical tracks – For the replacement of the vertical tracks, start by locking the garage door in an upward position before switching off the power supply. Unscrew one track, replace it and then proceed to the next one. Pick up one side at a time. Once each side is installed, check the track spacing. Do not try to replace the horizontal tracks as they can be replaced by an experienced garage door professional only.

5. Spring maintenance – In case of extension springs, the hardware that is connected to them are under a lot of tension and thus can be serviced only if the door is fully open. Servicing of components like pulleys, cables and springs must be handled by someone who has ample experience with them. Torsion springs are under immense pressure always and hence they can be serviced only if the garage door is fully opened. Spring maintenance is a highly risky job and must be left to the professionals. The least you can do for them is lubricate them.

To ensure that your rolling garage door keeps running smoothly, make sure you look after them on a periodic basis. However, there may be times when you’ll have to call a professional for the replacement and maintenance of certain components. We, at Garage Door Markham, provide the best garage door repair Markham services in the most affordable rates.

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8 Ultimate Garage Door Safety and Protection Tips

Installing a new garage door making use of the advanced technology adds a a layer of security and convenience to everybody’s life. Apart from this, it also plays a significant role in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Though, sometimes people don’t give their door a second thought and get stuck to their old age doors. There are numerous garage door repair Markham technicians advising people to first ensure the safety of your valuable possessions before heading to a garage door. After all, its a door that safeguards your valuables stored within the garage.

Door Security and Safety Tips

Embracing the Advanced Technology

These days, contemporary doors are being manufactured to provide more comfort and security to the people. These doors are equipped with latest key-chain door openers that render high-end security and state of the art operation.

Educating Children About Garage Safety Tips

Do not ever let your children treat the door as a toy. Garage door is a mechanical element that can lead to any harm or serious injury. Educate your children about the door safety tips. They must be kept away from the door especially when the door is operational.

Keep the Door Closed

Keeping the door open for convenience can be direct invitation for some serious trouble into your home. It is advised to close the door after every use. It is crucial to avoid intruders scouting the garage for your belongings or wild animals approaching for stored food. In order to keep your belongings safe, always keep the door closed.

Maintenance of Garage Door

Garage door is the largest moving part of every residential and commercial setting. It is utmost important to provide regular care and maintenance to the door to maintain its pristine condition. The doors work day and night tirelessly. Thus, they require frequent repairs and replacements. Just like any other household item, the door parts also need to be lubricated periodically. Also, homeowners need to visually inspect the fasteners to ensure that they are tight and secure.

Safety Checks

It is strongly recommended to keep an eye on the security features of your garage door time to time. You need to ensure that the features are in workable condition. Check all the safety features including the reverse feature that allows the door to revert back after striking an object in the path.

Window Covers

Windows in the garage significantly enhance the looks along with the curb appeal. They also allow more light and visibility inside. However, they also allow people to peep inside. Thus, it is crucial to cover the windows with some attractive curtains or instead of that you can also go for frosted windows.

Keep the Door Updated

Always keep your door up-to-date by adding additional safety features and other contemporary hardware. It is crucial to get an efficient door that can withstand any element. Make sure the door is well insulated and energy efficient.

Keep it Locked Every time

Make it your habit to lock your manual garage door. If you have installed an automated door, you just need to push a button to lock the door. It is utmost important to keep the door closed especially when you are out of town.
We, at Garage Door Markham, strive hard to provide you an array of garage door repair and installation services helping you maintain the pristine condition of the door. We employ professional technicians offering high-end door solutions at affordable rates.

Guide to Troubleshoot Your Overhead Garage Door

Automated overhead garage doors are widely installed in residential and commercial settings. If you are among those parking their vehicles regularly in the garage, it will be your ultimate verdict. An automated overhead door rely on numerous components to perform effortlessly. There are various attachments and elements that are crucial to get a door that is smooth in operation and work reliably. These attachments tend to get damaged with regular usage and due to ageing. Frequent door users must know how to solve or troubleshoot door related issues in order to avoid costly repairs.

Door Stops While Closing

While closing the door, if it stops before reaching the bottom or gets open again, there may be some issues with door’s sensors. The sensors of automated doors are located along the track. The door won’t close, if the signals are being blocked by some or the other thing. If you don’t find any physical element blocking the signal, the eye may be potentially dirty and must be cleaned. If none of these options help, the sensors might require immediate replacement.

Door Won’t Open Via Remote

Most of the time low battery charge is the reason for a non-operating door. However, there are chances of issues with the motor or the sensors. Change the batteries to check if its working or not. If it still doesn’t work, enter the garage and push the switch to open the door from inside. If the door opens easily, there might be some issue with the controller sensors or the motor sensors that catch the signals from the controller. Make sure the lenses are cleaned periodically.

Scraping Sounds

Scraping sounds are the outcome of loose tracks or bolts. The loose tracks start rubbing against the edges rather than rolling smoothly on the predefined path. This the the outcome of loose wheels or twisted tracks. Tighten them well to fix the problem. If you still encounter the same issue, it might be a spring not able to hold the door properly. The springs need to compress properly for balancing the door. Worn-out springs require quick replacement by professional technicians.

Door Not Opening With The Switch

If the door doesn’t open with the switch or with the controller but still you can find the electricity and light running to the garage, the issue is probably with the wiring or breaker. Replace the breaker if its burned out or tripped. If it doesn’t work, check for any loose wire by removing the cover plate of the motor. To avoid accidental shock, always check the unplugged wires whenever the breaker gets off. If you encounter some serious issues, contact a reliable technician.

Weird Sounds

Weird or creaky sounds are just the outcome of simple wear and tear. There’s nothing serious in this. Manufacturers often recommend to lubricate the moving parts periodically especially the wheels, hinges etc. Periodic oiling keep them durable and reliable.

We, at Markham Garage Door offer a comprehensive range of garage doors of leading brands. This is not all, we also provide repair and replacement services for any make and model of door including the parts.