Less-Known Facts About A Noisy Garage Door

Know About Garage DoorDo you hear weird sounds coming from your garage door every time you use it? Does your garage door wake you up whenever used?
Whatever is causing your garage door to create such weird noise or you can say ”sound like a beast”, it is recommended to figure out the root cause of the problem, before it hampers the operation of your door or something goes wrong.

What’s making all that noise?

A garage door opener creating some noise is normal, as no door or opener works silently. But, you need to know the difference between normal function and a beast. A door consists of numerous gears and moving parts, there can be various things that can lead to a particular type of noise. Depending on the model type and how it is installed, sometimes even from the brand-new opener or door, you may hear some amount of noise.

Friction is one of the most common causes of garage door noise. Over time, the garage door opener mechanism age, their parts no longer have the lubrication and they start nosily grinding each other. The bolts and screws are also loosened and need replacement to work efficiently. General wear and tear causes your door opener to get a little louder. Same happens with the hinges and rollers on the door itself. However, it isn’t really a big problem, but often cause annoyance and inconvenience. But some causes of garage door noise, particularly in older models are due to sustained damage and thus, require immediate attention before they harm you or your property.

Can I fix it myself?

In many cases, lubricating the moving parts can solve the noise issue. Make sure you use high-quality lubricant, especially the one that is made for garage door openers. Though, a good silicone based lubricant will work. You need to make sure that the lubricant doesn’t attract additional dirt and doesn’t drip on your car. Also, double check that all the nuts and bolts are secure.

When should I call a professional?

You need to immediately contact a professional garage door company in Markham, if you don’t know how to prevent the noise, or if any of your garage door parts require replacement. If you have an older garage door opener than 1993, you must consider replacing it with a new and advance opener. Modern garage door openers are quiet during performance and crafted to work reliably for years.

At Garage Door Markham, our Markham garage door specialists are committed to providing quality garage door repair, maintenance and installation services across Markham area. Whether it’s a noisy door you want to repair or a brand-new door you want to install, we have got you covered.

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