Garage Door Openers

Markham Garage Door provides repair and replacement services for garage door openers. Openers play crucial role in the working of a garage door. In fact, they are at the center of the garage door’s whole operation. Most of the people use automatic garage doors but they are unaware of the functioning of openers. Our technicians provide satisfactory opener repair services that too at your doorsteps.

You can call us anytime as we supply 24 hours and 7 days a week service.

Various Opener Drives

  • Chain Drive Openers – In these openers, chains are used to lift or drop the garage doors. They are really noisy but due to high strength they are used in various commercial areas.
  • Belt Drive Openers – These also follow the same mechanism as like chain drive. Belt drives have belts instead of chains. They are quieter and can be used in residential as well as commercial sectors.
  • Screw Drive Openers – These openers are easy to install and require very less maintenance. They perform smoothly and quietly plus offer long-life benefits.

Safety Measures

Most of the modern garage door openers come with safety packages. It has active sensors that immediately turn back the door if they sense some object in the path. These are programmed to provide excellent safety and protect your family, cars or any other stuff from damages.

Remote Controls

There are various types of opener remotes available in the market. Key chain, visor clip style, key-less pads are the remote control types that can operate from 100 ft distance too.


Genuine manufacturers provide lifetime warranty on motors and other parts. The guarantee and price vary from model to model. Motors often carry lifetime warranty.

Why Markham Garage Opener Services Only?

Markham Garage Door provides professional assistance. Our talented technicians would not only repair or replace your garage door opener. But they will also guide you about its functioning to make you aware about its various features. Our prices are affordable and quality measures have set industry benchmark.

You can call us anytime on our emergency numbers for local Markham garage door repair.