Garage Door Spring

Garage doors are as important as the things they guard. With variety in vehicles, variety in garage doors also came into existence. There is a wide collection of garage doors that you can explore in local Markham market.

Garage doors have an integral part in them – springs. We, at Markham Garage Doors provide every kind of garage door spring repair and replacement services.

Importance of Garage Door Springs

Springs are called integral parts as they help doors in smooth functioning. Springs assure safety and performance. They bear high tension while lifting or shutting the doors. They often get broken. Thus, they must be replaced quickly to avoid any mishap. Markham Garage Door professionals would offer you top-class services and would ensure your safety.

Extension and Torsion – Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension springs works excellently as they smoothly balance the weight of the door. Extension springs are placed in pairs. Every spring faces the tension independently. Thus, if one pair is broken that would lead to misbalancing of the door.

Torsion springs are placed as per size and weight of door. They are fixed at the end of the metal rod attached to the opening section of door. Both torsion and extension springs are placed on sectional doors nowadays.

When To Replace Garage Door Springs?

Springs bear a lot of pressure and when you find signs of snapping, immediately call the technicians instead of ignoring the signs. Spring breakage can lead to some really serious accident. Please, never ever try to fix the springs yourself as only professionals have proper knowledge and tools for that. Markham Garage Doors advises its customers to never take such a big risk especially when we just are a call away from you.

Markham Garage Door Services are available for its customers 24/7. You just have to call our experts and they would replace your garage door springs instantly.