Guide to Troubleshoot Your Overhead Garage Door

Automated overhead garage doors are widely installed in residential and commercial settings. If you are among those parking their vehicles regularly in the garage, it will be your ultimate verdict. An automated overhead door rely on numerous components to perform effortlessly. There are various attachments and elements that are crucial to get a door that is smooth in operation and work reliably. These attachments tend to get damaged with regular usage and due to ageing. Frequent door users must know how to solve or troubleshoot door related issues in order to avoid costly repairs.

Door Stops While Closing

While closing the door, if it stops before reaching the bottom or gets open again, there may be some issues with door’s sensors. The sensors of automated doors are located along the track. The door won’t close, if the signals are being blocked by some or the other thing. If you don’t find any physical element blocking the signal, the eye may be potentially dirty and must be cleaned. If none of these options help, the sensors might require immediate replacement.

Door Won’t Open Via Remote

Most of the time low battery charge is the reason for a non-operating door. However, there are chances of issues with the motor or the sensors. Change the batteries to check if its working or not. If it still doesn’t work, enter the garage and push the switch to open the door from inside. If the door opens easily, there might be some issue with the controller sensors or the motor sensors that catch the signals from the controller. Make sure the lenses are cleaned periodically.

Scraping Sounds

Scraping sounds are the outcome of loose tracks or bolts. The loose tracks start rubbing against the edges rather than rolling smoothly on the predefined path. This the the outcome of loose wheels or twisted tracks. Tighten them well to fix the problem. If you still encounter the same issue, it might be a spring not able to hold the door properly. The springs need to compress properly for balancing the door. Worn-out springs require quick replacement by professional technicians.

Door Not Opening With The Switch

If the door doesn’t open with the switch or with the controller but still you can find the electricity and light running to the garage, the issue is probably with the wiring or breaker. Replace the breaker if its burned out or tripped. If it doesn’t work, check for any loose wire by removing the cover plate of the motor. To avoid accidental shock, always check the unplugged wires whenever the breaker gets off. If you encounter some serious issues, contact a reliable technician.

Weird Sounds

Weird or creaky sounds are just the outcome of simple wear and tear. There’s nothing serious in this. Manufacturers often recommend to lubricate the moving parts periodically especially the wheels, hinges etc. Periodic oiling keep them durable and reliable.

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