Spruce Up Your Garage Door For Christmas

Christmas is only few weeks away. Can you believe it? The shopping malls in Markham have the holiday season decorations and the stores are selling Christmas-y smells. Our last blog was about decorating your garage door for Halloween, and now here we are providing you some exciting ideas to spruce up your garage door for Christmas.

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Wrap it up like a giant sized present

You must have seen many front doors wrapped up as presents, and you can do the same with your overhead door. Buy paper in bulk from your local craft store and paint it. You can also use a thick red ribbon which can be tied into a huge bow. Whichever option you choose, make sure to securely tape each end, as this will prevent your giant present from unwrapping before the big day.

Decorate with holiday magnets

Did you know that you can make your holiday more cheerful by simply placing decorating magnets on your garage door? While magnets will work great on doors made of steel, you can also tape them on if your door is manufactured using some other material. These holiday magnet kits come in decorative images such as bows, trees, ornaments and more.

Decorate with murals

Show off your artistic side by painting a mural on your garage door to show the holiday season spirit. Consider a winter theme instead of something particularly Christmas so you can keep the decorations longer than just December.

Good old holiday lights

Don’t have much time to spend on the decorations? No problem! Add twinkling lights or place an over-sized bulb to your door, and have a fantastic outdoor holiday decor in just few minutes.

Place holiday wreaths

If you do not want to overwhelm your home, a holiday wreath on your door is enough to show you truly care about the holiday season. Since a wreath is small, you can use some glitter, holly sprigs, or a snowman accent.

Create a light show on your door

Did you know that you can create a spectacular holiday light show with only two things? Yes. All you need is a blank board (your garage door is perfect) and a projector. You can create a personalized greeting or link your projector to change between different holiday slides.

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