Decorate Your Garage Doors Markham For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and soon the Markham streets will be filled with kids in costume in search for candy and fun. Instead of greeting trick or treaters on your front door this year, why don’t you give them a more enticing experience with your very own Haunted Garage Doors Markham.

Here are few ideas on setting up a ‘spooktacular’ haunted garage door this Halloween:

1. Prepare your garage door

Test your sensors many times before Halloween to ensure no glitches will happen or no little one gets hurt by a faulty sensor.

2. Consider your door as a giant canvas

A quick trip to the local Halloween store will help you collect many props and decorations to use. You can purchase temporary artwork which is made from removable black cloth tape and crafts-foam sheets cut into Halloween-themed shapes. You can also use streamers, spider webs, and other decals to enhance your overhead door. If you have kids, this activity will light up their world. This year wear your creative hat on, you still have time!

3. Lights and Sound

Purposeful lighting and scary music will help enhance your haunted garage door. Although darkness itself is scary for most kids, consider adding fun lighting such as a black light or a strobe. Lights can also be used to cast scary shadows on the door.

4. Decorating the Outside

Line the path to your garage door with jack-o-lanterns and other spooky props such as zombie hands or gravestones. Make up a story to tell the kids like a giant monster or an escaped madman has been living in your garage. Replace the exterior light bulbs with black and orange lights and keep a fog machine to give a complete effect. For those with windows on their Garage doors Markham, you can create a truly frightening effect by cutting out the shapes of hands and forearms, and sticking them to the inside of the windows. This will put an effect like you have people trying to escape from your garage.

If you really want to shake things up this year and win the award for the most scariest house on the block, it’s all about your garage door. If you are looking to make necessary repairs or updates to your overhead door before you begin decorating it for the holidays, feel free to call us. The professionals at Garage door repair Markham will cater all your garage-related needs.

Our team wishes you all a very Happy Halloween!

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